Wednesday, November 08, 2006


sunny day to mix it up
give birth on rewritten pages
near the tip of my tongue

here’s a little sore reading last night
our brown California puts out
especially the beloved pantoum

next is Fire + Ice before Sackler
this is a grill in a circle
it’s not so mixed up as all that

tonight I have a date
with the broken cloud
that breaks off like a boxing glove

until my shoulder hurts
like everything hurts
now The Red Room has its Cosmos

the sun shines through Taiwan’s
not so Carl Sagan-esque retirees
and Kosovo is bombing us

they slit the throats of Albanians
ah well listen to this            “she’s at NYU but
now she lives near Columbia”

“you wanna say ‘hi’ to my
daughter in
New York?”