Monday, January 26, 2009


If you’re happy and you know it
stomp your teeth.
   Did I just hear that
for real or in my head?   Ninety degree
San Francisco is hallucinogenic.
Also, empty is the new black.
It’s a lovely day to walk thru
Central Park to the Whitney to
see its Gift to New York exhibit –
lots of Jasper Johns, two Gustons –
get sidetracked by the Best Swimsuits
of the Season
, head back out for
some shopping on Broadway and
the upper 70s (Fishs Eddy).   Do
laundry, get haircut, How often do
you get it cut?   Three to four weeks,
whenever the mood strikes.
with Sarah at Gaylord.   Note to
self: need to work on the voice
(more sincerity, less sarcasm).
Later it’s to the Lush with Kim
for fwozen wattuhmelontinis.   Con
fidentially, nothing but sky-high
clarity; the mood barometer
up two points like the Nasdaq.
No longer Gong Show rejects we’re
the dorks next door we go on
Mexican cruises in October and
keep our slaphappy teeth in our
slaphappy mouths.