Friday, July 22, 2011


I know nothing.

Load more guys for distant pleasure?
You are double-spaced and blend nicely
with your environment.   I’ve got to put
an end to it.   Tease the hole out of the
donut while shirking all responsibility.

Lawyers suck but you’ve got it made
in the shade.   You’re pronounced a-
bundance and ease of accomplishment.
You also confuse the hell out of me.
But I try, my amped-up confidence

and new labcoat.   When does it
become the importance?   Next
subject (and the hiccup in between).
Love.   And reload.   Melancholy
elsewhere isn’t the right word for it.

A strong hit in the north portion,
upper right quadrant.   Having a
headache for lunch (so last subject).
I mean are you schizophrenic?!
No offense.

The houseboat dips as the
needle edges inward at midnight.