Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Overlord in a Melting Pot

I made rice and also pommes frites.   Circle over to the
laundromat that’s turned into a fondue parlor.   Email
Kevin and water the plants.   We opened a New Zealand
wine that John and Larry had brung to the housewarming.
Tomorrow I’m to play racquetball with Madoc.   Be able

to plug laptop into large monitor.   Unparch with a Faz
glass (a mason jar) full of lemonade.   I just want to
GRIMACE at that.   What does that make me, an
interior designer?   That kind of distaste becomes
HONESTY.   We have enough space to not worry

so much.   We can concentrate.   Steph loaned it to me.
The slimness of Vincent and his engagement.   And it is
disgusting compared to Starbucks.