Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had every intention of telling it slant.  Or
fears about doing otherwise and my endless
reasons for ever bringing it on.  P.S.  I think
cornbread automatically disqualifies me.

Everybody knows I’m a motherf**kin’ monster.

Kanye, my reason for doing it (he says constantly) is
I feel crappy.  And maybe I’ll go home early.
And talking lots via IM today.  Drop it drop it.
Well, I should anyway.  First things first,

he wants us to go to couples counseling.  Nick,
Yuki, Larry, Shah, and Otto’s car, which I
haven’t even seen yet.  We have whiplash,
or one of the healthiest relationships ever.

Which—well—if not amusing & irritating
& cute all at once it’s like—but—what’s our problem?