Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Or to create a new narrative from a series of 6-year old
pictures?  With red wine (quite vintage from this vantage
point)?  I worry about a relationship not in my native
language.  I feel very old.  I wonder how to keep it. 

This is the kind of entertainment we provide.  A surface
under the stars.  It feels old.  I had it in me to go into
further details.  To market.  Seems a hard word.  Con-
notes imprisonment.  My sexuality has been different,

lately.  It means nothing.  Congratulations.  I’ve felt
horniness, porn, white bisexual with girls, and mas-
turbate.  I’ve been less than intense and not easily
aroused.  Orange.  Which is very odd.

Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.