Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Almost the Exact Quote

Here the snow bleeds clouds.  Such
happiness to be taken on a ride
in a train with a penny engine.

The toys in this dream are binary.
Chalk-colored coal or coal-colored
chalk.  I enjoy it immensely because

now I want to build something bigger.
Bright face of such happiness, why can’t I
enjoy more?  [Complacently moving from

Point A to Point B]  Why am I frightened of
losing or just along for the ride?  I don’t want
to want nothing but am overwhelmed or

bloated with wanting.  Instantly I want also
something else.  I write it down.  The page
says hello, forcing my gaze out the window.  I get

distracted by an American flag and page 1 of
Yoga for Dummies.  I live with a pink bear
who wears a very tall crown made of paper1

1That reads “Made in June 2[_ _ _]” and “Otto rules!”