Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Words with Friends

Dear June,

Your snapdragons are killing me!  I say,
we are quite a perfect pair.  Are you not
on fire?

I live the life of Riley.  What a loser, I tell you,
with my chicken noodle and my apple enzyme.

This is heady but I’m tacit.  And you’ve got glam
despite the divots.  Have another Strawberry C?

[I sweat through my issues envisioning a MASTER.]

And each with our own wonderful qualities.  Make me
turn on a dime from ‘all is glorious’ just to maintain our
dark side.

This is a liquid photograph.  Here, have a sip like a
chorus of frogs (bag clips). 

Change our astor into a name like Numb.  Work
collaboratively until it will end (possibly).

A mum is a chrysanthemum is what the lady told me.

                                        Luv & gladiolas,
                                        SleepsWithOak (is not my screenname)