Thursday, June 07, 2012


A Yellow Frame

A complete lack of meditation
& a complete lack of medication
draws me out into the heat like
an unmasked fan.  Remove

He’s all mad at me in the
living room (forget the story
for now—it’s no biggie)
listening to, what do you
call it, damn, that dreamy
electronica easy listening

I’m drowsy.  But not much.
He wants a yellow frame
around the big painting
in the corner (his
birthday coming up...)...

It’s too hot in the apart-
ment to think of the word
that goes with the ice cream
whose flavor I’ve forgotten.
It’s a fancy flavor and it’s
in the freezer but I’m
too lazy to get up.

The sun beats its way
onto my face on the
edge of the sofa.
It’s not allowed in.
This goes on uninter-
rupted for some time.