Sunday, June 10, 2012


We lie with our mouths.  Or
I lie (here and elsewhere)
with my mouth. (I’m told
I offer too many ‘broad

So I take pictures. 

How to quantify truth
(which is still lacking)....?
I ask a carny who points
at a sign.  Then, once home,
I clean the kitchen, straighten
the living room, and put away

I’m feeling better (I shave,
but still no haircut).  I need
cash.  After spending years
of savings I finally discover
free music. 

Sure, we can only dance
at home.  Which is 97%
honest, to date.  My body’s
dance is a sin, but is fairly
true.  Yours is all hallow’s
eve, all Cinderella ball. 

& I love its surface
thru & thru.