Sunday, November 04, 2012


The new one landed with a smooth splash
about a minute ago.  Little seeds falling from
trees that say FOREVER at thirty degree angles.
Our tree; our first vacation.  Later, sketching
after Starbucks, presently dancing, last night.
And then a mellow day.  The weekend ducks
in like airplane noise.  Or helicopters lifting
pink stuff from the sidewalks and placing
it on top of me.  I’m loud, I’m in the Starlight
Room walking all the way over here.  Feeling
strange alert.  And cute and can’t really sleep.
Painting a picture of a lightbulb for shopping.
He suggested the Safeway on Church Street.
Red fish in a pond on top of one of the dirty
nips.  So much more this weekend.  And
often.  I think of way over there, placing
thinking on top of the Union Square starlight.