Friday, November 09, 2012


I had a baby girl.
My dream that
lasted five weeks.
She had three
parents; I was
one of three.
When I could
reach her, what
fluff!  Afraid
to drop her.
Would she
fall on her
head or
float into
the stars
like a helium
balloon?  I
drove my
station wagon
with no idea.
I watch her
from a distance
as the weeks
pass.  Several
but so real (
laundry, dishes
).  What is value
but true feelings
more trouble than
they are worth?
I hold out my
hands for my
little girl
who becomes
Angela’s dog
Riley, a white
joyous blur of
hopping and
scampering to
and fro (her nails
on the floor a
perfect tempo).
I look around
for the other
two parents,
wonder where
they went and
who they are.