Wednesday, December 05, 2012


     flowers go mad and are filmed by no one.
                                                   —Philip Jenks

     A shrine of rich fish, with linebreaks.
                                                   —Andy Gricevich

I missed the mole and thought he was all the word
is a hot lackey and it sort of turned me on.  The
mole was there even though it wasn’t there; had
to be.  When it finally appeared, things sexed up
even louder.

I think of photography as an act (not a labor) of
love.  And I’ve taken 2x more photos of you
than anyone.  Where are you?  Just heading
back to Happy?

Where are you?  Drive safe.  Love you.

For the past hour I’ve been having the most
wonderful conversation with my seatmate.
He’s an older Mormon so genius and so
interesting, recently divorced with an
11 year old daughter, just a sweetheart
of a man with a wealth of knowledge
(e.g., we’ve discussed monogamy, the
source of our country’s fundamentalism,
how Jews were responsible for establish-
ment of the freedom of religion in the
U.S., genetics [of course], Buddhism
and its relationship with Mormonism,
the three great plagues, multiculturalism,
old automobiles, how mathematics is
everything, eastern culture as compared
with western culture, and much more).

How are you guys doing?  Crossing the
Rio Grande.  Going to switch off now.