Monday, December 17, 2012


Our burrito lady is here!
           —Amtrak announcement, in El Paso

What is it about this city?  So what if I’m not
picking weeds or shoveling gravel or whatever
else it is the gang is doing.  I’m lapsed pages

lapsing into turn-the-page.  Peeling onions like
eyes and what-have-you.  A bit windy and I
hear the water.  Texting about a ring on top of

the Eiffel Tower (this while I hear the water,
truly amazing!).   Very romantic, huh?  I love
the sound of the water.  I also hear the burrito

lady who’s on the other side of my door.  The
wind in my ears and the bay below.  Come in,
lady.  Come in from the noisy bay, a few boat

motors, ferries, weeds blowing in the wind, birds
down below.  Because I dunno the name of any-
thing.  Why the word bird?  Why the word weed?