Friday, December 21, 2012


                 they say write
                 below your
                 century to
                 understand it

Hello from the Continental Divide.

                 the train arrives sans mustache.
                                                  —Michael Price

I woke up thinking how funny it is that
you’ve become such a devotee of TED.

                 sloth in the stretching ottoman
                          —my misreading of a few words by Michael Price

Several days later      __________
So far I think it’s an okay funny.

                 Bill was feeling his biceps.  “Tomorrow we’re
                 going to have a life-and-death struggle.

                 - - - - - -

                 Bill was the one who least felt the need of
                                                       —Bill Berkson

However, I’m not entirely certain on either front.

And the breeze didn’t leave us a shred of evidence.