Saturday, December 29, 2012


The One About Yesterday

Nice eyes, so sad and lonely.  The
other word has to do with love.  And
those two rambling emails to the same
headhunter.  I didn’t actually feel like
I was begging at the time.  But I did
feel like I was an artist.  And I felt
like I had a nice run of it.

A nice run.  You told me too late
that you’d say goodbye to me this
morning.  I mean I think you told
me even though I don’t remember
it at all.  Later you told me you told
me.  I don’t remember you telling
me goodbye this morning.

Then there was something about the
vacuum cleaner.  Or the vacuum cleaner
wrapped in plastic from the peanut
guy across the street so that there
was no way to get all of the tiny
purple petals out of the carpet.
He’s losing his head.  He shakes

his head about losing his head.
We can’t go to the drycleaners
anymore.  The drycleaners is
the peanut guy across the street.
Your nice eyes, so sad and lonely,
are the tiny purple petals we can’t
get out of the carpet floor.