Monday, August 05, 2013


Heartsunk provided the sideways like us
     with such rare and out-there company.
               —Tilda Swinton to David Bowie, March 21, 2013
                  at the opening of “David Bowie is”
                  at Victoria and Albert Museum, London

She addresses him as Dave.  And signs off as Tilly.  My
discovery of Tilda Stardust, a blog dedicated to the belief
that Swinton and Bowie are one person.     But why sullen?

Oh.  It says right here that “I had an argument.”  And right
here it says “Exhaustion?”  Also, right here, it says: ... ... ?!
WTF does it really say he said that?  ... ... ...  Heartsunk.

Hi.  Today I’m using Major Tom and Orlando as
diversionary tactics.  Not only that but mostly
revelation.  At the end of a week full of

eureka!  And then realizing that I’m not the
only love song, as it turns out.  We both are.  So
why trouble myself with an escape plan? 

Why strategize to divert?  It’s a pretty day.
I am sending messages here and there.
Interspersing these very sentences and

fragments with text messages (more fragment
than sentence, those).  It says here that I then
thank him for such an “articulate brat.”  And

it says right here, just at the very bottom of the
page, that “G-chat is not quite like Yahoo instant
messenger.”  In fact, maybe it’s even better.