Saturday, August 24, 2013


This Isn’t Idiotically Frustrating

There’s just too much negativity
(which reminds me: mental note:
remember not to ask how he’s
doing; it drives him back off
the wagon [or maybe it’s
back on the wagon, I
always get confused]).

Anyway, I often get
confused.  That’s my
thing.  Especially lately.
That and losing pairs of
eyeglasses (mental note:
henceforth, pay less for
eyeglasses!).  I used to
find the ‘absent-minded
professor’ thing charming.

I try to remain in character,
though, no matter where
the adventure takes me.
Like now.  Or.  Sure.
But.  I’m not a record.
I mean I like the idea
of growth or evolution
(becoming better, more
adaptable, more resilient).

I went to the doctor with
chest pains (my pain,
not the doctor’s).  EKG(!?)
is fine; he says it’s probably
stress or gas or a pulled muscle.
Fine.  I pour myself a glass of
filtered water and two glasses
of wine.  I continue my research
on Mozart for my master’s thesis.
Halloween is just around the corner.