Monday, August 19, 2013


Fact or fiction:  I just saw my
favorite underwear.  In a porn
flick.  I spent all day in bed
buried in clean laundry.  As
soon as lunch arrived, I got
a call and had to run an errand.
Hence, no lunch.  I played 95
rounds of Bubble Galaxy with
Buddies™.  All without any
malaise or edginess. 
In reality, it seems like
everyone’s out having a
good time but me.  At my
workdesk I figure out how
to bring back the balance.
Because.  Because tomorrow
is October.  Because tomorrow
is Otto’s birthday party.  Today,
doing nothing but sending emails
of myself sticking my tongue out to
new friends and old friends I haven’t
seen or even corresponded with in
forever.  Sitting ten hours in the box
before getting up and walking over
to purchase a digital camera.  Oddly
enough, that’s the mood I’m in.
Saturday night.  It’s mellow.
And my chest hurts.