Tuesday, August 20, 2013


There’s a pounding pain
right here.  Inside of my
chest.  It’s either a lung,
my heart, or my stomach.

It’s sweet learning how
to live slow.  Adorable.
Oddly enough, that’s
the mood I’m in.  The

feeling of walking on
a campus.  I haven’t
felt it in a good while.
Maybe I haven’t felt

good in a while. 
We all go dancing
at Mezzanine.  I
overdo it trying

to make every-
thing the best.
I’m almost too
determined.  I

am hoping for
this.  I’m ready
for time to have
done its trick and

for everything to
be okay.  I’m not
sure.  I think about
how to get paid for

this.  And what that
means.  Sitting here
in this nice, new
place.  Wondering

how long it might
last.    Everything
is really the best.
I’m really looking

forward to it.  I
really have no
idea how long
this might last.