Wednesday, September 04, 2013


the music was boring and insightful
                                   —Joshua Beckman

Meaning takes on many different forms.  Like meaning-
less.  And meaninglessness.  Among other variants.  Let’s
say, for example, that I am two thousand years old and
am experiencing an anniversary of sorts.  To keep it from
being dull, I walk to my fellow anniversarent’s office.  It
gets very complicated, so I won’t go into that.  Let’s just
use the word awkward. 

Breathe in, eventually.  Sorry.

Saturday went kind of fast.  We had a reading with a
very nice voice.  There was a good presence.  Then
we messed around with our iPods, creating playing
lists, etc.  Then we stayed the night at a birthday
party.  We got the celebutante a princess purse 
(since it was a princess party) filled with
tickets to the circus.

I just got off the phone.  I don’t think he liked his

We all slept a bit on the floor, in sleeping
bags that were just purchased for the occasion.
And then Sunday morning we all walked home
in the mist, stopping three times along the way:
first, at Starbucks, of course; then, to watch
Prince Charles’ entourage head for the top of
Nob Hill (he and Camilla are in town,
apparently staying at the Four Seasons);
and lastly, to check out a tiny half a million 
dollar condo across the street from where
we live,

which is a peach of a place, much cheaper
than a half a million dollars.  Later we had
dim sum at Lychee Garden, walked around
North Beach, North Point, Polk Street,
and watched Naruto episodes.  We
had a lovely dinner (home cooked!)
and both went to bed early for work.