Saturday, November 09, 2013


I often pee sometimes.
                   —John Ashbery

He was taking the train from New York City
to Boston and reading a gay sex novel.  So
now he talks as subversively as he is capable.
As capable as he is subversive.  We all know
who canonizes this guy.  Or is obviously his

So here we are.  It is the biggest day of our
time.  Today’s the day.  So I take my anti-
histamine and make sure everything is
appropriate, getting frustrated in all
the right moments, pretending to
take a nap, getting up in the
morning in time to get to
the office by 7:00am.

I’ll get up whenever they let me loose.
I mean way more than usual.  Of course
my cellphone is a blueberry and my
breakfast is an iPad.  It’s a new era,
after all.

He got completely out of sorts
after just a few drinks.  I mean
way more than usual.