Sunday, November 17, 2013


...nothing sexual but
the Declaration of Independence
                                     —Reed Bye

Am I the privileged?  I must be,
having several opportunities to
overspend on things like dance
parties, mimosas, toys from the
toy store, juice from the corner
store, and lots of books of poetry.
Most of which I can purchase
online.  Very easy, right?

I’m not sure how important
this topic is, nor how thoroughly
I have sullied it, nor whether I
have proven or disproven my
point, nor whether I need a
haircut before my meeting
tomorrow afternoon.
Could you perhaps
enlighten me?

I often think how wonderful
lust is.  I talk about this
wonder.  In my mind,
which is probably a
pretty strange place,
if there is one thing
that has consistently
(persistently) all-
owed me to
retain a portion
(at least a portion)
of my youth, it would
be this very wonder
(may it ever exist,
may it ever consist
and persist!).