Thursday, January 02, 2014


You had to be there (unless it sucked).

Here I am, knees a-twitching,
on the phone with my landlord.
During the conversation I am
working very hard to try to
remember the dream I had
last night.  Something that
gave me a crick way down
inside of my shoulder that
just gets worse the harder
I try to remember the dream.

Here I am: stapler, tape
dispenser, hand calendar. 
Trying to remember a
surgery appointment.
Or what happened
Saturday night.
Feeling in a good
mood to short-
tempered (and
vice versa).  I’ve
been forgetful all day,
with a dull pain behind
each eye.  Boring.  Going

Words are no good.
Words aren’t any good,
either.  So I just sit here
with my ear pressed into
an extra-terrestrial, imagining
backflips, hating the first half of death.