Saturday, January 04, 2014


Sorry, I Was Doing Backflips (Part Two)

Sorry, I got interrupted by
contradictory radio waves.

I hope I didn’t rub anyone
the wrong way.  I apologize

in advance.  But you do know
that’s exactly why they call it

a vomitory.
Don’t you?

It’s getting more difficult to
keep from quoting all of the

time.  Of simply appropriating
for anything and everything.

Quick, who said that?  More
and more.  Incessantly.  For

example: “What is coffee like?”
from page 57 of Quick Question,

a collection of poetry by John
Ashbery.  That could cover a

lot.  I do like a rub that 
relates.  Both rubbing

and relating can obfuscate
and yet certainly also

enhance engagement.
Speaking of which, on 

the very next page there's
“Now I remembered more

than I do.” as well as “No-
body knows I’m a nudist.”