Sunday, January 12, 2014


Take me, then, to the licentious decade!
It’s a small cake but you nevertheless

get the feeling that something could
very well pop out of it at any moment. 

I am really digging all of the jokes
about the Boy Scouts of America. 

I don’t mind saying this because
I myself was scout.  The sad kid

staring out through the tent flaps
at a pasture glazed with a coat

of snowy ice or icy snow.  What-
ever the case, it’s still mostly just

ice.  Was that you dreaming about
a golf course for a back yard?  A

dime a dozen, I say, thinking
further about the many others

longing for games of two in one
hole.  But take a look around.

This could just be the licentious
decade?  Whatever the case,

I say we just live it.  Has it
happened all before?  Is it

happening now?  Could it
really only be our first time? 

Boohoo!  Snooze!
Oh, Sunday afternoon!