Monday, January 27, 2014


One Wonders If Perhaps He Was Spurned

That would explain a lot of the vitriol,
sure, but what about the IQ level of an
aardvark?  Okay, class, what did you do
with your ideas all summer?  Well, first
of all, besides getting obese, I depart
Vallejo on a ferry to San Francisco one
very pleasant morning while a loved
one, we can call him The Ache of
My Desire, waits for a bus to
take him home from the heart
of San Francisco.  It’s Peter’s
last Christmas on the west
coast and I am losing
whatever sensibility
I ever had or, if not,
being the same react-
ionary adolescent I
always was.  Or
moreso.  If you
chose mental
chances are
it would be
very difficult
for me to