Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Your headache was a priority?

I believe in Cher.  Not snarky
comments about how others
lead their (sexually explicit)

lives.  I don’t shop around.
I’m happily married.  Or
would be.  Used to it was

easy.  Now
it’s even more
complicated.  But

this morning (or was it
last night?) I was having
a conversation about how

certain repeated activities
basically scrape or ‘sand
down’ the (surely once-

upon-a-time three-dimensional)
brains of certain repeated acquaint-
ances (some of whom, as it turns out,

we spend lots and lots of time
thinking [and surely that
therefore means ‘caring’] about) ... (

otherwise why would we even
have such way-into-the-night
[or –afternoon] conversations ...

why on earth would I be typing
this muck up while presently
pornography is being looped—

but behind Microsoft Word
on the very large monitor
I use when I want to feel

like I’m doing something
worthwhile?  But, anyway.)
I suppose I shouldn’t worry.

Options always exist.  Especially
when hook-up profiles often
include the (surely judgmental

phrase): “Single is the new
coupled” paired with some
wrincing, tongue extruding

emoticon which
indelibly means “NOT!”