Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There’s exceptions to the honesty policy
      —spoken by Lynn during a very good Bob’s Burgers episode

I’m not sure why I’d give that five stars
but I just did.  Hello from Fantastic Mood,
I am amazing.  Are you?

And so the beat goes on.  I especially love
when the piles of trash get distributed
in the garbage bins (from my apartment
to yours, happy regards!!).

Also, this song!  I’m always up for great
beats.  Yay hooray for a proper boogie.

(Even though that sounds gross, you can
rest assured.)  By the way,

I have a lot of swag upon which
names of places I used to work
are emblazoned.  Like these
fantastic coffee mugs

and this amazing new
dance music.  Hi.  Let’s
fill this boat with an
alarming number
of people [insert
and photography].

Did you come here to play?
If so, let me turn around and
try to show you exactly
where it hurts.