Friday, December 05, 2014


Speaking of holy water, 
the database is now up to 
seventy percent rebuilt.  
It’s been a few hours.  
Last night, I watched 
the Grammys with Otto.
Til around ten, anyway.
Or did I dream this?  No,
surely not.  I remember.
What a bunch of fogeys,
but oddly entertaining.
Okay, no more talk of
last night, of last night’s

This morning I’m feeling
even more fantastic than
yesterday (can I imagine?).
Seemingly over my cold;
ninety-nine percent.  Just
a bit of stuffiness, but Otto
didn’t notice any snoring
(perhaps he was only
dreaming, as well).

[Brief cut to the future,
several years hence:
its redundancy is ob-
literated by his horrify-
ing drowning, gasping 
for two or three nights 
leading to (gasp and gasp-
ing!) failure of heart.]


I’ve been reading a book.
It’s very interesting.  I
remember when I 
used to read only 
one book at a time.