Sunday, February 15, 2015


I Swear That I Will

carry out all of what
was yours (and yours
alone), throw it upon
the sidewalk with a
sign marked “FREE”.

I should get a vacation
soon.  “Get,” I wonder?
I’m at a table with a
Pontiac parked next
it and a bunch of men

who swear, each and all.
“How could he possibly
do this?”  I will, I promise.
Some remnant of yester-
day’s Chronicle: Reese

Witherspoon and Philip
Seymour Hoffman the
apparent shoo-ins.  Not
that fun.  Am I the only
one here more palatable

when dead?  I was talking
to Stephanie about how
pretty I am.  “Pretty
much,” she must have
mumbled from behind

a rose-colored napkin.
It is 8:00pm, AS Sepia
the Cat teaches me to
call where we are sit-
ting Green Couch #2.