Friday, April 10, 2015


Drugs, Sex, and Rock & Roll

Dim sum at Lychee Garden.
Then I dragged Otto out to
finally shop for some new clothes.

Picked up jeans, t-shirt, underwear,
shoes, then went dancing, supposedly.
Next-to-the-last-time at Mezzanine.

Arguing with myself during the walk
home.  Well, forget that.  Rain on
Sunday.  Talked with Fred.  Hung

out a bit with Yuki.  Worked
plenty on the new issue of
the magazine.  It’s looking

good, I think.  I flew home.
Sleep.  No, first Otto recited
various tidbits in study prep

for his Art History midterm.
Then sleep.  Then, here it is,
Monday.  I’m writing some-

thing so ugly that it includes
“war in Yugoslavia.”  My
new guilty pleasure is

reading poetry
by James Tate.