Saturday, May 23, 2015


California Poem: The Sequel

I am no fan of spoiler alerts,
so here’s one from me to you: 
at the end of the season we all
wake up in the shower together
and it slowly dawns us that
this episode is really hot.

Yep.  During the season finale,
it slowly dawns on each of us
while we’re lathering and
shampooing and whatnot
during this racy communal
shower scene that every
single episode this season—
up until we all hop into
the tub together, that is—
has been nothing but
one gigantic buzzkill.
It was all just a night-
mare; it was merely
a dream. 

I really do apologize. 
I just couldn’t help myself. 

Please.  Continue your
binge-watching.  And 
have a wonderful afternoon.