Friday, May 29, 2015


Science and the rotation of enjoyment.
                                                     —Basil King

The oddity of fighting with fans.  Fan-fighting.

(Just briefly, from the box...)  It is
the rainiest March in the record-
books, or something.  The network
is confusion in front of me.  Perhaps
I forgot my glasses again.  Perhaps
I left my glasses on the dancefloor
again.  In the taxi cab again.  Do I
spend another very large sum on
a pair of glasses?  Back in the

Rainy, rainy winter/spring.  Otto
and I exchange words via tiny
computers.  Via Google without
goggles.  He has sent me these
after I presented a comment
about the oddity of fighting
with fans.  Having now seen
this phenomenon occur in
several films.

Fold-out fans.  The ones when in
hot weather, say, or of a Sunday
morning when the pastor goes on
for five or ten minutes too long, 
one opens like a V and one 
waves to cool one’s face.  
Made of paper.  Or any 
of various metals or 
synthetic materials.