Thursday, July 02, 2015


An Attempt at Digging Out By Digging In

Is it a busy month?  Am
I busy this month?  I
can’t tell anymore.  I
just know I’m buried.

Undercover.  Under-
ground.  Under the
gun.  I find so much
truth in the cartoon,

even as I migrate
through sitcom and
back to soap, the
original, except

performed by
strangers up to
four decades later.
Sort of like seeing

your ex-girlfriend,
the one and only,
thirty years later,
last weekend, some

things are more ex-
uberant, complex,
yet infinitely more
at ease, soldier. 

After undergoing
such evolution, or,
perhaps, more simply,
the basic passage of

time: time’s microscope,
or telescope—either one
—it’s heavy (, man).  But
it’s a good thing, time’s

undergo.  Cuz, like,
well, thumbs up to
magnification, to the
sunshine of wisdom

or whatever, to less hys-
steria, to the magnificence
of all of this bursting
out and up and forth!