Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The Cutest Mash

It’s really just me,
isn’t it – my glass
is the one that’s half
empty – but I can’t
shake the notion that

there’s been an extreme
abundance of negativity
bouncing around for
too long now.  So, how
lovely it was to receive

your glorious email this
morning.  It was a won-
derful pick-me-up,
at once generous and
perfectly concise; an

“all is well with the
world, after all” that
could only have come
from you.  And, while
it did not include the

phrase “this song
apples mood” – at
least as far as my rem-
embrances go (though
I will admit that I’ve

eaten and drunk a good
three times since),
that’s precisely what
I’ve been humming
ever since I put it

down.  And, what’s
more, I’m ever so
pleased to report that,
right up to this very
moment, I remain

yours, del-