Friday, July 24, 2015


     One morning a three-colored blackbird appears,
     a blackbird from overseas,
     insisting I return.
                                     —Luciano Erba
                                         (translated from Italian
                                          by Ann Snodgrass)

I’d like to be able to say that to someone
someday.  But this is just the slowest!
Hark back to M O V I E S:   taken at

a leisurely pace, (no rush to finish),
which, for the most part, have
always done the trick (mood

upper).  But then I started
fidgeting.  Started falling
asleep in the middle.

Started walking out
in the middle.  Now,
perhaps, it’s the song

that apples mood (I
am slowly taking a
sip).  A Chorus Line

(the film).  Ugh!  I
thought I just ate it
up!  Loved it when I

saw it back in...must’ve
been undergrad.  I tried
watching it again this week.

How could I have ever?!
So, we grow up (or out,
or down), but man, I need

an antidote.  On to the
Cabaret (film version again,
the same one I tried to

watch when in college, but
now...?):  It’s P E R F E C T !    
So, long story short, a

three-colored blackbird
shows up.  And I am caught
without my camera.  (So sad.)