Monday, July 27, 2015


Wandering Niche-less

                It’s all too-natural to deflate natural
                geometry via anthropocentric suckage.    
                                                         —Jack Collum

It is 11am.  Not
9:30am.  I am
thinking of an
itch between
1 and 10.  This
day (disdain) is
never approri-
ate enough.  I
wanna start
again.  The
shower.  The
grey clouds
in my bowl
of breakfast.
Lying in bed.
The cat’s en-
ergy.  This
day is reel-
ing through
a drought of
street signs;
signs and
an historic-
al treasure.

           (as if nature were a hobby or an acquired taste)   
                                                         —Jack Collum