Thursday, November 26, 2015


Nothing goes well this week,
and for good reason, I think.

The sun’s mostly down. The
‘underwear party’ is at 550

Barneveld.  The waitress at
Lori’s who keeps repeating

‘bananana’ is still working
at Lori’s.  We still call every-

thing bananana at Lori’s.
We still used to call out

for banananas.  I’d give
anything for one about

now.  Feel free to take
that any way you want

to take it.  I think too
much and hope for

nothing more than
a hello.  My target:

to be beautiful.  At
Target, I am beautiful,

but I really need to pee.
Things vanish, like memories,

thud, just like that.  I spent
too much on the best part

of an afternoon, which
lasts for most of winter

and pretty much all of
spring.  Summer love....