Friday, November 27, 2015



At Target, I need to pee.
Important things keep
vanishing like cowards.

The waitress spends
part of an afternoon
looking for a therapist.

Coming down for air,
pronouncing it with-
out any teeth, on our

last legs, we each
blink loudly, un-
like memory, which,

still has its original
two legs and knows

how to use them,
bites like a granny
apple, and shows up

like irreverence.
Someone crawling
around with a

loudspeaker has
the nerve to use
it.  True or false,

this experience
makes the current
Target, its location,

irrelevant?  No one
is here. It’s sum-
mertime in San Fran-

cisco: go now (not-so-)
young man and fall fool-
ish and stupid in love!