Tuesday, December 15, 2015



I have many treasured
friends.  But it was morning.

In the afternoon, I complained,
having skipped either work

or my workout.  I wonder about
my attitude like a narcissist; I

worry about never having had
the opportunity to slap someone

back.  I should be joyous.  I still am,
sometimes,  however, I'm presently

stalling the completion of a question-
naire I’ve been asked to turn in before 

job interview that I have this afternoon.
Actually, I haven’t even begun to fill out  

the questionnaire, which is really just in 
preparation for a "phone screen," something 

that seems like a mandatory prerequisite to
an in-person interview these days (oh, how the 

times, they change...)...so it's really just a pre-
interview for an interview that I have this afternoon.  

But that’s still an interview, right?  Yet still I sit here,
still stalling.  I don’t even know why I’m mentioning this, 

except it seems appropriate to include within a page of 
couplets of certain lengths.  Such as the ones on this ‘page’....

I like couplets, and see fit to use them on occasion.  
also enjoy many (additional) types of architecture, as 

well as the occasional pork cutlet.