Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Boo Hoo!
“I believe it is a combination
of a lot of things, many of
which I am not sure of,”
is an exact quote.  Page
2,532.  Another Tuesday.
Oh, woe is me, and boo hoo!
Pick your damn self up
and get back in line!  I
want to take pictures at
an average rate.  There
is too much work in
the afternoon.  My hand
cramps as if I’m actually
writing a letter, probably
to Gary.  The sticky frogs
aren’t sticky enough.
Sure, I could complain
all week.  What is a game
I play with myself while
listening to something
that sounds happy?  Big
frown full of crocodile
tears: happy birthday,
happy Easter, and
Merry Christmas!  I
could do this until dawn.