Thursday, December 31, 2015



The toilet won’t shut up.  But
what will motivate me up and
out of bed?  It’s 3:03pm.  Erin
and I went to a backyard

filmfest out near Irving & 9th
on Friday night.  It says right
here that it was fun, but I do
not remember it.  At all.  Ex-

cept the mosquitoes.  And
purchasing repellant and
watermelon Schmirnoff Ice
with which to watch.  But

Erin’s short film I still
have yet to see.  Some-
thing didn’t go well with
the DVD player.  Later,

I met up with some flirty
friends at The Cinch.  And
then somehow wound up
at Dragon (for no more

than five minutes, though;
attempted too large an
argument on the phone...)....
Timing.  Are all nerds losers?

This time it was my fault
for certain.  The toilet still
sings like there’s no tomorrow.
I sit up in bed, its sole occupant

at my home of eleven some-odd years.