Thursday, February 18, 2016


The world is more vast than we realized, and
many people have died.
                                              —Aaron Simon

I didn’t want to get up
this morning.  I meant
to say that I’m staying
in bed all day today
(if wishes were some-
thing-or-other; do-
nuts, maybe?).  I
dreamt I dove up-
hill with X’s and
O’s.  Several flights.
I wonder what state
I entered before I lost
consciousness (losing
consciousness helps
maintain confidence,
I’ve found—and keeps
me with a pretty sturdy
grip with on my con-
science, it seems to me...).
I had one once, but I lost 
it.  What I founded remains
uneven, tinted, and has
no concept of closure.
All kidding aside, I
just now sealed an
envelope into which
I had placed an email
which scaled my full
disclosure.  I added
some interest, I like
to believe.  If only
it were just the fax,
however.  You may
laugh now, but just
you wait until you
find me; that is, if
and when you find
yourself opening
this overly-in-
flated letter.