Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The Big Lunk

You taught me the world.
What a language.  “But I
can’t introduce her to
anyone orange, the new
earth’s underbelly,” he said,
trying desperately to under-
stand it all.  The sea was
hissing like a snipe.  Each
piece of furniture wore a
comb-over.  And Once
Upon a Time couldn’t find
Happily Ever After, even in
this tiny little hearth (and
what an adorable hearth!)
Springs and thistles and
forlorn clogs filled all
space all the time (which
is not the continuum we’d
always imagined).  Frank
seemed to generally love
the songs, but could never
come clean, never break free
from the seedy neighbordhoods
of the city that handcuffed his
tongue to the small thatch of
hair at the bottom of his back.
“It’s my small,” said Frank,
always knowing it was such
a big deal to everybody who
bore witness.  It was larger
than anything at all, really.