Monday, August 08, 2016


I Simply Do What I Do

          your throat is clogged
          with her name
                             —Maged Zaher

At first glance, I thought the 2nd
line read “with your name,”

and I thought this was pretty
hilarious.  And truthful.  Not to

oversimplify, but aren’t there
throats clogged with each of

our names?  Or is it the truths
that clog?  And, honestly,

the fact the deciding factor
may be that my sink has been

stopped up for a week now
is not very hilarious.  (Or

most of our throats?  Or
is it just my throat?).  Any-

way, in summary,


and Tragedy,
all members

of tge extend-
ed family,

spend most
holidays together

and often re-
member me well.