Monday, November 14, 2016



Here I am
at anyone’s
mercy with my
my bed falling
apart – it’s true!
– at least once a
week, the boards
beneath the matt
ress inch their
ways toward in
coherent angles
and FOOSH!! one
side or the other
(the one with me
on it, obviously)
flops to the
floor.  Here I
am with my
back falling
apart and I
don’t even
feel old (I
wonder if
my bed does?
In Ikea bed years
it’s probably 900
years old by now!)
So what, do you
wonder, will to
morrow hold? 
Ah, well, there’s
beauty in the
and it often
lies here in
bed with me,
falling to the
unseen floor
pretty much
like every
thing and