Saturday, November 26, 2016


“The Dropdown Runs Out to the Right”

Or haven’t you heard?   Logic rules.
It (and its common sense strategies)
bring such a wide smile to the faces
of my friends, the set of which is too
numerous to list; and I’m not just talk
ing acquaintances, no sirree.  But puredee
-when-you-need-them-most (and without
even having to send out so much as an
S.O.S.) FRIENDS. It’s uncanny, the
certainty of their existence.  I’ve heard
rumors of poor sots who cannot say the
same without a sense of irony – I’m also
told the tone of sarcasm is as obvious as us
believers’ ascent to heaven will ultimately
be (and none too soon, according to my
calculations).  Gosh, I’ve had such omni
present good fortune.  I’m so truly blessed,
to be sure.  Such calamity befalls this poor
earth it breaks your heart.  And then there’s
me and my happiness full of incalculable life.
I’m so ready for it to be over, for the few of
us who belong in paradise to float like tiny
pink balloons on the horizon until we’re 
so out of here.  Alrightee, this conference 
is over now.  Who needs another revival.  
My tummy's grumbly.  And Agnes knows
very well how I get when I’m hungry (In
deed! she hollers from the back porch.  
She's always at the ready.)  Indeed!  Let's
go ahead and get this the party started,
shall we?  Yes, let’s . . .