Thursday, December 15, 2016


I have not forgotten
we sound
the same when we say the same things like people of a certain time.  As if
history were not over.
                                                                       —Laura Moriarty

(part one)

“What’s on the list for today?”
I look back and forth in
terror, searching for anything.
“We’ve got years to get it
done,” I look back and forth

the manner less spastic.  These
last words are balm, a staunch
for the deepest of cuts which
only allow a minute or two of
more life.  A sad fly zips by in

disgust.  If we start with the
premise that every single indi-
vidual lies (quite literally, the
entire embodiment of our spec-
ies depends on it in a way, it

is built into culture, it is written
in Amy Vanderbuilt, the circum-
stances sometimes quite elaborate
and fun; or guilt-inducing).  Be the
person you are, but I prefer ease

and an amalgamation of real 
and fun, I value honest and ...
reality (the former, from my
test runs, most especially) 
but, I'm a liar.  By necessity at
times, using etiquette others.  

At other times, or just because
I’d rather for whatever the
reason, perhaps even out of
spite, quell my truth, or with
which I seem no longer familiar

with it...