Thursday, February 16, 2017


    (later that
   same night)

A pain in the ass
is worth two in the
bush doesn’t even
begin to hack it
until you try it!
Get it?  I’m so
happy for you.
(If only I got it....)
Eating escargot
[late drum riff,
awkward giggles]
at the conference,
I thought of Rome,
where the hallway
entrance was made
completely of the
animals we and
our favorite rest-
aurant’s guests
would profoundly
digest later, during
bouts of uneasy
sleep.  We would,
earlier, of course,
finally eat.  Per-
haps because we
were so alive then.
It was a five-star
entrance, that
hallway. We were,
as they often say
in Bolivia, super-